Trip Report – Emirates DXB-YYZ Boeing 777 (Jan 2009)

Hello all and welcome back for another report!!


January marked a fantastic start to 2009, I kick-started the year with a flight from Bangalore, India to Dubai, U.A.E. On the 27th, I was getting ready to fly to Toronto (to finish high-school) on the Boeing 777 with Emirates. (This was before EK put the A380 on the DXB-YYZ route.)

Check-in and Terminal 3 at DXB

Well, apart from the fact that I was going to fly, what I was really excited about this trip was that I was finally going to check-in through Terminal 3 at DXB. Terminal 3 was opened on October 2008 and it served (and still does) as a base for all EK flights.

At the entrance, I was impressed with the decorations and the spacious terminal space (it was a relief from the crowded T1). So I got off the Taxi and looked up at the roof (it was shaped like a wave). Below, there were rows of trolleys and porters at your service. So, I took a trolley, placed my baggage and walked towards the check-in counters.


Check in was smooth and quick, and then I proceeded towards Immigration. I cleared the Immigration and customs pretty quickly, and then it was a long walk to the gate. The thing is, after check-in, all passengers funnel to the center of the building where the Immigration is. Then they take an elevator to a higher floor, where the duty free shops and the gates are.  I exit the elevator and look to either side and all I could see was duty free shops and a lot of people (Obviously because this was a morning flight and mornings are the “rush hours” in DXB).

Now one thing I don’t understand is that despite the existence of the new terminal (which was built to better handle passengers), our aircraft was parked at the remote bay.   So we took a bus to the aircraft, which was parked near the cargo terminal.

Flight and In-flight Services

The Boeing 777, is my favourite aircraft and boy was it awesome to fly it for 13.5 long hours. I was literally on cloud 9. There was a problem though, I did not get a window seat. Instead, I got the seat behind the door. (The door on the wing) so all the pictures are taken from that little window on the door. This didn’t bother me much as I knew I would be watching movies on the entertainment system (called ICE in EK…ICE stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment). I was rather disappointed during take-off and landing as it would have been an awesome opportunity to take pictures. 

Breakfast and Lunch were the main meals served onboard with a snack in between.The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful… I was either watching movies or catching some sleep. When we reached North America, the little kid in me was awake again as I saw snow and snow covered land (a first for me).

Landing and Opinion on YYZ’s Terminal

The landing was smooth, but no pictures sadly. Once the aircraft exited the runway, I managed to click pictures of aircrafts at the gate. It was nice to see Jet Airways outside India, ( 😉 again a first for me).

The terminal at YYZ was actually well… small as compared to DXB. I mean though  YYZ has more gates than DXB, but it doesn’t take much time to exit the terminal as compared to the long walk in DXB. So after entering the terminal, we followed the signage to the immigration desks where I was directed to the offices behind where I issued my study permit. I then took the escalator down to collect my bags from the carousel (I hope the spelling is right). The wait was painful as it was winter and I was wearing my jacket…and to my luck, my bags arrived last, after around 45mins, which meant I was sweating by the time I got my bags. I then proceeded to the exit where one of my high school teachers drove me to the dorms.

Well, that concludes my DXB-YYZ flight with EK. I hope you enjoyed it, and as always feel free to comment.

Until next time…Happy landings!!!

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