Trip Report – YYZ-DXB on Emirates’s Airbus A380 (June 2009)


After  studying a semester in Canada, it was time to go back home for the summer. Emirates (EK) were mainly using the Airbus A380’s on their DXB-JFK route and just two weeks before I flew with them, they replaced the Boeing 777 with the Airbus A380 on the DXB-YYZ route and hence, this flight was the fourth A380 flight  to YYZ.

On 13th June 2009, I caught a cab from Beamsville ON, (where my school was) and made my way to Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Now since this was the first time I was flying out of YYZ (Terminal 1) and I was pretty excited about it. The driver stopped right outside the terminal and as I entered it, all I could see was rows and rows of check-in counters. So I checked the info-screen to see where EK were checking their passengers in. I was early for check-in by around 20mins….but the line was pretty long. This wasn’t a surprise…I mean come on…an A380…approx. 400+ passengers. I joined the line, and when I made it to the counter, I was greeted by a female agent, who checked me in.

Now that I didn’t have to worry about the huge bag. I wanted to quickly proceed through the security check and onwards to the gates, so I could do some spotting. I was only carrying my camera and a light backpack, so I cleared security fairly quickly. As I was proceeding to the gates, I stopped by a chair to remove my camera. I managed to do some aircraft spotting; here are some pictures I managed to take.

**Click on the picture to enlarge**


13 June 2009
Airbus A380-800

Just as with other EK flights, boarding was done Zone wise. Now I sadly don’t have the boarding pass, but my seat was on the lower deck behind the wing….so I was in one of the last zones to board. Like I mentioned earlier, I might be short (5’10”), but I have long legs, so lucky for me, I got the window seat in the second row after the emergency exit (on the wing), which meant I got ample space, as the seat in front of me was missing.


Well, this was mostly a night flight. But I wouldn’t complain as I was entertained with EK’s ICE in-flight entertainment system (ICE stands for Information, Communications and Entertainment). Service was great as usual. Every single meal service was done with a smile. I was asleep for most of the flight.

Landing and Conclusion

 We landed in DXB at around 5PM (approx). I cleared immigration fairly quickly but as always, my checked-in bag came late (45mins to be precise). In conclusion, the Airbus A380 was (and still is) an amazing aircraft. I was really impressed with the fact that a whale with 4 engines could manage to be so quiet on board. Having said that, we all know that there is at least one crying baby on board every flight right? Well, with the engines barely making any noise, the crying babies are more audible.  Speaking of audible, my favorite “sound” in the aircraft is the mechanical whine that can be heard when the flaps move (after take-off and before landing). As for the service, EK managed to maintain their standards and as mentioned earlier, all their service was done with a smile.

Well, that concludes my first flight on the Airbus A380. I hope you enjoyed it and as usual comments are always welcome. Upcoming reports include my trip to India and a return trip to Toronto on the A380 again (this time, I fly business class and I get a chance to visit the flight deck).

Thank you for reading and usual comments are welcome.

Until my next post……Happy Landings!!!

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