Trip Report – DXB-YYZ September 2009 (EK A380 Business class)

So after a nice relaxing trip in India (Link: India Trip 2009 – opens in a new tab), It was that time again to say goodbye to my old routine (waking up at 10:00AM, play games or watch movies all day, then sleep after 1:00AM) and go back to school. But it wasn’t too bad as I would be starting Gr.12, my final year at school (again this was back in 2009) and I would be flying the A380 again! (Link: First trip on the A380 – opens in a new tab)

How I got upgraded?

So I initially checked in and got a boarding pass for Economy class. I got through Immigration and the security check fairly quickly, after which I was just hanging around the Dubai Duty Free stores. Since I have travelled through this airport countless times I quickly took a round and then settled for a snack at Burger King. Soon my mother joined me to see me off at the gate. As boarding began, people formed a line and I joined in too. As I reached the gate, one of the ground staff asked for my boarding pass and after going through the system, he said that I was upgraded to Business class. The only problem was that I didn’t get a window seat. I got a seat in the middle row (24D) – but hey, Im travelling in business class on the A380 so it was all good  … The excitement quadrupled!!!


Emirates EK 241
Airbus A380-800
7 September 2009

The aircraft was parked at Terminal 3 at DXB so there were aerobridges to the upper deck too. I took my new boarding pass and headed to the aerobridge that had a “First and Business Class” plaque on it. I got to my seat, and a flight attendant (I forgot her name, but I would say she was British, so let’s call her B for convenience) approached me and said;

B: Hello, Good morning welcome aboard!!
Me: Hi, Good morning, thank you!
B: Would you like me to take your coat sir?
Me: Yea, absolutely, that would be swell!!
B: OK, Please place your boarding card in the pocket and I will return it just before landing!
Me: That sounds awesome…Thank you

Major differences you will notice when you fly upstairs (hehe), is that that seats are well spaced out meaning ample leg room and lots of space to stretch. The seats themselves are…well…awesome…they can be reclined into a flat bed or we can have just the foot rest out or even trigger a massage. The PTV’s are huge and we were provided with noise cancelling headphones. Another feature about the business class seats is that there is a mini bar beside each seat (no alcoholic drinks are placed here though- alcoholic beverages are served in the bar at back of the top deck).

Take-Off and Cabin Services

Pushback and takeoff went off as usual – nothing special here just a routine flight

Since I flew the A380 once in Economy Class, I am able to compare the business class and economy class products. A major difference I noticed is in the quality of service. In Business Class, I was given a more personal and pampered treatment. I noticed that every time a flight attendant approached me to ask me anything whether it is “would you like something to drink?” or “would you like to eat now?” they always kneel down to my level and maintain eye contact. In Economy class though, the service is more rushed, obviously as they have to serve a large number of people and at a fast pace.  Another difference I noticed is that meals are well presented unlike the economy class meals where we get a square tray and everything is squeezed within it, there’s barely enough place to move and get the cutlery or open the meal.

During the Flight I took a walk to the back of the aircraft to take a look at the Bar (I didn’t take any pictures though, coz I felt a little shy!!) The bar is openened once we reach the cruising altitude and they serve drinks throughout the flight. The area around the bar is modeled like a lounge, there are sofas against the windows and the partition between the bar and the cabin is decorated with LED’s in the shape of landscape like the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Islands and the Burj Khalifa. On my way to my seat, I saw B and;

Me:  Can I visit the flight deck after we dock at YYZ. I am an aviation nut and I would really like to see and take pictures of this mammoth’s flight deck?
B: (Laughs) Sure, I will ask the captain and let you know.
Me: thank you (a big smile)

The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful, I was watching movies and I actually got to sleep. When I woke up, we were over Greenland and I switched on the ‘back massager’, and saw some more movies.

Landing and Cockpit Visit

Once the captain announced that we would be descending into YYZ, B approached me and returned my coat.

B: Here’s your coat sir!
Me: Thank you!!
B: I hope you enjoyed your flight in the Business Class?
Me: I sure did!! Everything was just right!
B: That’s good! Is this the first time you are travelling on an A380?
Me:  O no no I flew from Toronto to Dubai on an A380 two months back
B: O wow that’s nice! You seem like a frequent flyer.
Me: (laugh) sort of
B: So, I spoke to the captain and he agreed to show you around the flight deck, so after we are at the gate, wait for everyone to deplane and I will take you to the flight deck!!
Me: that’s awesome, thank you so much (more smiles)

The landing into YYZ was smooth and the cabin applauded as soon we touched down. Once we taxied to the gate, I collected my things and waited for others to deplane. I quickly switched on my SLR and got ready to visit the flight deck. B saw me and said

B: Right follow me sir!

I followed her into the First class cabin, I didn’t take any pictures though, as there were passengers still there and I was shy to click a picture of them. B then showed me the First Class showers at the front

B: These are the showers – they are closed right now, but during the flight, first class passengers can freshen up here.

Then we headed down the staircase and into the cockpit.

On my way out I thanked B for a wonderful flight and the tour of the top deck.

Once inside the terminal, I passed through the Immigration fairly quickly and proceeded down to the baggage carousel.  As usual my bag took forever to come, but when it did, I collected it and I headed out where I was greeted by a teacher who would be driving me to the dorms. This concludes my trip on the A380 from DXB – YYZ. I really enjoyed this trip as I flew in business class (top deck!) and I got a chance to visit the flight deck. I hope you enjoyed it too!!! Still to come is my 2010 Trip back to DXB and another trip to India…this time I fly Indigo (an Indian airline). I will upload the next report soon. As usual comments are welcome and until then feel free to browse through my old trip reports.

Happy Landings!!!

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