Trip Report – Part 1 – 2010 Summer Trip (Starring WS, EK and 6E)


Welcome to summer of 2010.

I had just completed high school and it was time to go back home. I make it a point to try new airlines every time I fly…and this time I got a chance to try Westjet, Indigo and Air Canada. So here’s the itinerary, first I’ll fly from Ottawa to Toronto on Westjet (WS), then Ill take a connecting flight to Dubai on Emirates (EK). Around August, I go on a short trip to India starting with a flight to Pune on Air India Express (IX). After a few relaxing days there, I would fly to Bangalore on Indigo (6E). In September, I would be flying back to Canada. The plan being – Bangalore to Dubai and Dubai to Toronto on EK and finally Toronto to Ottawa on Air Canada (AC). Part 1 of this report will cover my trip to Dubai and onwards to India. The next part will cover my trip back to Canada.

First Leg – Ottawa (YOW) to Toronto (YYZ) on Westjet

21st June 2010
Westjet WS 519
YOW (1700) – YYZ (1800)
Boeing 737-700  Reg: C-GLWS
Seat: 8F

The first question which might come up when you see this is, how did I get to Ottawa from my high school in Beamsville ON? Did I fly there? Well the answer is I was driven there. I had a lot of stuff and flying was not quite an option.

I woke up early on the 21st, and went to Carleton University to get a tour of the campus and the dorms. I was done around noon and I had enough time to go back to my friends’ place (where I placed my stuff for the summer) take a shower, grab a bite to eat and leave for the airport. I reached the airport around 2pm and my first impression was “wow this is small”, It somehow reminded me of BLR.

So the first thing you see when you enter the airport are the check in counters. There are 3 levels in the airport, the lower level is the arrivals, the middle level has the security check, duty free shops and the gates, and the upper level is where the check in counters are. Once you check in, we head to the left where we have some stores, a neat looking fountain, a restaurant and an escalator heading down to the security check. So I took the escalator down, passed through the security check and entered the duty free area.

My aircraft was at gate 22, near the end of the terminal and it hadn’t arrived yet, so I started spotting, browsing through the duty free shops and the lounges.

Boarding was quick…nothing eventful. However when I got to my seat, I was expecting a window, instead there was no window, so I had to depend on the window between mine and the row behind me. Well that didn’t stop me from taking these pictures!!

Inflight Service

I was very satisfied with Westjet’s service. The crew were very professional and always kept smiling despite their long working hours. This aircraft had apparently arrived from east coast and was heading west to Calgary after a stop-over at Toronto. Being a low cost airline, there were no meals served but there was an option to buy food on board. As for inflight entertainment, every seat had a PTV, with a good selection of programs. Interestingly, after flying EK almost exclusively, I was surprised (in a good way) when I saw that we could use our own headphones for the IFE. Headphones were also on sale for those who didn’t have one. Soon enough, it was time for descent into Toronto.

Landing and Transit at YYZ

We landed and docked at Terminal 3. The de-boarding was quick and eventful, I thanked the flight attendants on my way out and started heading to the baggage carousel. For a change, I had a really short wait for my checked-in bag. I then realized that my flight to DXB was at Terminal 1 and I didn’t know what to do or how to get to there. I asked the security guard and he told me that there was a train that connects the terminals and the station was a level up, so I headed up to the top floor and sadly missed the train. The wait was short, and another train pulled in. I hopped on and purposely sat on the front row to view the airplanes at the gates. All I could see was Westjet tails at T3 and moving towards Terminal 1, it was Air Canada (and its subsidiaries likes Jazz and Express) as far as the eye could see.

Second Leg – Toronto (YYZ) to Dubai (DXB) on Emirates

Emirates EK242
Airbus A380-800 RegA6-EDB
21st Jun 2010

As soon as I got out of the train, I went straight to the check in counters. I finished all the formalities fairly quickly and made my way to the gate. There I saw my ride being prepared for her long journey back home. I was flying Economy Class and my seat was just before the wing, so I managed to get some good shots of the engines inflight. Now I realize I have already written a few detailed reports on the YYZ-DXB and the DXB-YYZ legs on EK, so to avoid repetition, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!!

I was very tired as I had a long day, so I slept during the flight. I didn’t miss much as it was a night flight for the most part. I woke up just as the Captain was announcing that we would be descending into DXB soon. So I looked out the window and I saw a beautiful sight- the last rays of the sun on the engine which gave a glow and produced a sight that’s beyond words.

I’m home! That concludes my trip on the Emirates’s Airbus A380 from YYZ to DXB.

Third Leg – DXB-PNQ on AIX 

Somewhere around August, I made a quick trip to India and back…the itinerary was pretty simple.

DXB-PNQ on Air India Express
PNQ-BLR on Indigo Airlines
And BLR-DXB on Emirates

Now…again…since I have gone into great detail on the DXB-PNQ leg before, to avoid repetition, I’ll not talk about this leg (Link: India Trip 2009 – opens in a new tab). Honestly, it was the same as last time except this time I got a seat on the emergency exit row which meant I had ample space to stretch my legs.

Fourth Leg – PNQ- BLR leg on Indigo (6E)

Indigo Airlines
Flight 6E 705
1st September 2010 5:10PM
Airbus A320 Seat 28B

Now I didn’t take any pics as I was nervous. PNQ is a military field and I didn’t want any trouble. (Again this was in 2010, I don’t think this would hold me back now!)

Back then, Pune didn’t have aerobridges, so all passengers would go and wait at the allotted gate until the announcement for departure was made. Then, the passengers would go downstairs and walk to the aircraft. When you reach the aircraft, an airline employee checks the boarding pass and directs you to the appropriate porta-stairs. There were two porta-stairs, one was placed in the forward exit and the other at the rear exit. Since my seat, 28B was towards the end of the aircraft, the employee directed me to the one at the rear exit.

As I enter the aircraft, I was greeted by two smiling flight attendants and they directed me to my seat. Now one concern I did have was that the flight attendants had a lot of make-up on….I mean a LOT, in fact when they turned the other way, I could actually see the layer of make-up ending behind her ear. I honestly prefer no make-up; everyone is born beautiful, why do you want to artificially create it? Even in the service industry, there should be a limit on make-up.

The flight was pretty uneventful…it was smooth but uneventful. Soon after take-off, they started the onboard café service, where passengers could buy snacks or drinks for a small fee. The details are pretty hazy now, but I do remember reading a good variety of snacks on their menu. After touchdown in BLR, we taxied to the apron, and the passengers deplaned on what seemed like a custom made ramp for Indigo! I got off the airplane, walked to the terminal, collected my bag and headed out to catch the Volvo bus to get to my relative’s place.

In conclusion, I love the service with Indigo, it was fantastic. Now that it’s 2013, I do hope they have fixed the ‘too-much-make-up’ issue!!


In part 2, I’ll talk about my fight from BLR- DXB and my trip back to YOW via YYZ…this time it’s another photo essay!!!

As usual comments are always welcome. Until my next post…… Happy Landings!!!

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