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General Information 

Oman Air Cover

Title: Oman Air

Aircraft(s): Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800NG and the ATR 42
Destinations: Beirut (BEY), Mumbai (BOM), Dar Es Salaam (DAR), Dubai (DXB), Khasab (KHS), Muscat (MCT), Salalah (SLL) and Zanzibar (ZNZ)
Format: DVD (and eventually Download)
Director: Tommy Mogren
Year of Release: 2005

Oman Air at a Glance

Oman Air began its operations in March 1993 from its base in Muscat, Oman. The first flight was from Muscat to Salalah using a leased Boeing 737-300. Since then, the airline has grown and it currently serves all three domestic destinations in Oman (Khasab (KHS), Muscat(MCT) and Salalah (SLL)) and various destinations across the Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle east. The airline fleet as of 2013 consists of Boeing 737 -700, 737-800, ATR 42-500, Airbus A330-200, A330-300 and the Embraer 175. The airline has placed an order for the Boeing 787-8 and the newer Boeing 737-900ER.

A Detailed Look at the Programme

The program starts at the CEO’s office, where the CEO of Oman Air gives us an introduction to the airline, the fleet and the destinations they serve. Then, we are presented with a little bit of action at the MCT ramp.

MCT-BOM-MCT with Capt. Jabry on the Boeing 737-700

The first trip is to Mumbai and back. This segment is rather brief. Soon after take-off, it jumps to the descent phase into BOM. Highlights of this segment include the views of BOM during approach and the ATC banter. Once at Mumbai, the captain introduces himself (and interestingly, he sits on the right hand side) and tells us about their flight back to MCT. The flight back to MCT was brief too, but we do take a peek at the flight attendants at work…I would say this segment acts as a warm-up for viewers as it presents a raw footage of the atmosphere in the flight deck while pilots are at work.

MCT-ZNZ-DAR with Capt. Al Mahroogy on the Boeing 737-800
DAR-MCT with Capt. Kavshik

To me, this is where the program really starts…..all the procedures are shown in detail. As we taxi to the runway we get to see an Omani Air Force’s C-130 on approach. During the cruise phase, we visit the cabin where the flight purser walks the viewers through the menu. We then get to see the meal service.
The approach into Zanzibar was scenic…the turquoise blue waters are always a pleasure to watch from the air. The second leg is ZNZ – DAR. The flight itself is just 14mins long and this footage really gets you to appreciate the amount of procedures that are involved in flying a commercial airliner. The third leg from DAR to MCT is brief. The interesting part of this leg is the approach into MCT at night.

At the end of this flight, there is an interlude where we are given a tour of Muscat and a…well…kind of an advertisement for the RadissonSAS hotel at Muscat.

MCT-SLL-MCT with Capt. Ranganathen and Capt. Dhillon on the Boeing 737-800

This is my favourite segment in the program. MCT- SLL is a routine flight with not much details given to the viewer. Once at Salalah, Capt. Ranganathen gives the viewers a very detailed walk-around of the Boeing 737-800. On our way back, Capt. Ranganathen is on his check flight and his check captain, Capt. Dhillon simulates a pilot incapacitation. At the cruise phase, Capt. Dhillon gives a detailed explanation of how Capt. Ranganathen was tested and the correct procedure to be (and in fact that was) executed. This is definitely one of the highlights of the program

MCT-KHS-MCT with Capt. Mubarak on the ATR 42-500

This is another interesting and unique segment of the program. Until recently, Oman Air was the only commercial airline to fly  into Khasab (Khasab is now also served by Kish Air of Iran). Khasab is a holiday destination north of the U.A.E, which is famous for its Fjords and clear blue waters. This segment starts with the crew doing their checks as they taxi to the runway for take-off. After take-off, the captain introduces himself and tells the viewers about his flying career and Khasab. The approach into Khasab is very interesting as there are mountains surrounding the airport making it a challenging approach. There is not much footage of the airport itself as it is an active air force base.

MCT-DXB-BEY with Capt. Alneaimi on the Boeing 737-800

The segment on the flight to DXB is pretty brief. It’s the segment from DXB to BEY that’s the real treat to watch. This segment starts at the gate in DXB, and as usual the ATC communications (with other traffic too!) is always fun to listen to. During take-off, we get an aerial view of the Burj Al Arab and the numerous properties like the Palm Island (which was under construction back then). The captain introduces himself and talks about the quick hop earlier into DXB and gives the viewers information about their flight to BEY.
The return flight from BEY-DXB is a flight in the cabin with views of Beirut during  take off. It’s dark by the time we reach DXB, and we are treated to some views of the skyline as we are on approach to DXB. The program ends as the aircraft comes to a stop at the gate.

Closing Remarks

Oman Air was the first programme I purchased from JPV and I must say this programme is unique. I’m sure there are many other programmes on the Boeing 737 and the ATR 42, but what makes this programme special? It’s the destinations- they range from big metropolitan cities to lesser known Middle Eastern ones. It’s a great opportunity to see a new part of the world and also learn about their unique policies in airline operations. However, flight simmers might be disappointed with this title, as there are no cockpit tours per say, but this programme would be a great way to learn about approaches into lesser known airports like Khasab or Salalah. Overall, this is one of my favourite programmes and I would highly recommend it. I’m sure it would be a great addition to your collection.

For more information, please visit http://www.worldairroutes.com/OmanAir.html


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