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General Information


Title: Spicejet

Aircraft(s): Boeing 737-800NG
Destinations: Ahmedabad (AMD), Bangalore (BLR), Mumbai (BOM), Delhi (DEL), Goa (GOI), Kolkata (CCU) and Pune (PNQ)
Format: DVD (and eventually Download)

Director: Udo Schaefer

Year of Release: 2006

Spicejet at a glance

Spicejet began its operations on 24th May 2005 with an inaugural flight from its base in Delhi (DEL) to Mumbai (BOM) via Ahmedabad (AMD) with a leased Boeing 737-800NG. By the end of 2008, Spicejet was the second largest low-cost airline in India. As of 2014, Spicejet serves 47 destinations in India and 10 destinations internationally.  Their current fleet consists of Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and they have placed an order for the newer Boeing 737 MAX8.

   The Program…

The program starts with an introduction by Mr. Peter Hill- the Chief Operations Officer of Spicejet. This is followed by views around DEL airport.  We then head to the operations center, where we have a brief presentation on the fleet and the how they track their airplanes and the crew on-board in real time.

DEL- AMD- DEL with Capt. Sharma

This segment starts off with Capt. Sharma giving his first officer the departure briefing. We then follow the crew on a routine flight to AMD. At AMD, we get off the airplane and see the airplane prepare for its next flight. The return flight to DEL is another routine flight at night.  The DEL- AMD- DEL segment is brief and I would say a good introduction to the program as the viewers get an idea of what it’s like to be a pilot in India.

DEL- GOI- BOM and BOM- GOI- DEL with Capt. Pushkarna

This is where the program really starts. The segment opens with Capt. Pushkarna briefing his first officer about the departure. We watch as the captain taxies to the runway and takes off. During the taxi, the viewers are treated to a rare sight – the classic Boeing 737-200 in Alliance Air colors and another one in Indian Airlines’s colors. After take-off, the captain gives us information about the flight like the runway we took off from, the crew, the cities we fly over and the destinations we are flying to.

After landing at BOM, it’s a long taxi to the gate – which is interesting as we get to see the packed gates and ramps which BOM is known for. Once at the gate, we join the captain as he does the transit check (walk around). This is followed by a short hop back to GOI. The last leg from GOI-DEL is a night flight during which the captain gives a presentation of the flight deck.

DEL- CCU- DEL with Capt. Varma

This is a rather brief segment of a routine flight to CCU and back. At CCU, we take a look in the cabin where the cabin crew pose and greet the viewers.

DEL- PNQ- BLR and BLR- PNQ- DEL with Capt. Pushkarna

This is my favorite segment of the program. The segment starts in DEL where Capt. Pushkarna prepares his Boeing 737-800NG for its flight to PNQ. The footage is similar to that of DEL- BOM- GOI, where we shadow Capt. Pushkarna on his day at ‘work’. Some interesting footage includes that of Capt. Pushkarna filling up the load sheet at DEL, watching a Jet Airways’s (9W) Boeing 737 land at PNQ as we fly over, visiting BLR’s old HAL airport and of course, the ATC communications are always fun to listen to.

   …the bottom line

Where do I begin? The crews we fly with are young, enthusiastic and hats off to Capt. Pushkarna for also being a ‘host’ to the viewers. He constantly updates us with what’s going on and gives us information about the fleet, the destinations and basically any landmark on the way. The destinations chosen are very interesting as they range from big metropolitan cities like BOM, DEL and CCU to popular holiday destinations like GOI and BLR, and lesser known destinations like AMD and PNQ. This program is for anyone who wants to know about aviation in India or interested in low-cost airlines or even interested in seeing what a workhorse the Boeing 737-800 really is. I also recommend this title to flight simmers as it would be a great way to learn about approaches into airports like GOI and PNQ that don’t have Jeppesen approach plates, but instead use plates drawn by the Indian Air Force.

For more information please visit: http://www.worldairroutes.com/SpiceJet.html


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