Trip Report – Part 2 – Winter Trip 2012 (EK and AC)

Welcome to part 2!!!.

In case you missed the first part, Click here for Part 1 (opens in a new window)

Interlude – The new terminal at Dubai

On 2nd January 2013, Terminal 4 (or Concourse A as it is now known as) at DXB was open to the public. My flight was at 9:55AM which meant I was at the airport at around 6:15AM. My mother and I then proceed to the train that connects Terminal 3 with Terminal 4. The place was well laid out where passengers can queue and airline staff at the front of each queue would assist passengers if needed. Of course, today was empty and my mother and I were the only ones there. Once the train pulled into the station, we boarded the train.

The train ride was jerky with sharp turns and sudden brakes. Hopefully they fixed that and passengers now have a smooth ride. As I got out of the train, the emptiness of the new airport was the first thing that caught my attention… probably the only time (ever) will anyone get to see this terminal empty.

The new terminal looked more like a shopping mall than an airport terminal. The center of the terminal is dominated by Dubai Duty Free shops and surrounding these shops are the gates. Considering that this is an Emirates-only A380 capable terminal, there seemed to be a shortage of seats. I do not want to imagine the commotion and chaos that would ensue by the sheer amount of passengers when there are multiple A380 flights being dispatched from this terminal in the coming days.  

Return trip

Leg 1 – DXB – YYZ

EK 241 02 January 2013
Boarding time: 0955
Airbus A380-800 A6-EDB
Seat 23A zone B


I took the train back to terminal 3 and walked to my gate. The seating area was packed … a fry cry from what I had just seen at the new terminal. As with every Emirates flight, the boarding was done zone wise.

I was greeted by flight attendants as I made my way to my seat. I settled down in my new seat and started taking pictures of my seat and what’s around me. Of course having gone in detail multiple times before, I’m going to let the pictures and videos do the talking for the most part and only interject when needed.

Taxi and Take-Off

Video of the Taxi (opens in a new window)

Video of the Take-off (opens in a new window)

We flew North towards Iran as we climbed out of DXB, and then gradually turned to the North Westerly direction towards Europe, Greenland and eventually to North America. Being Business Class, a (well presented) three-course meal served. In addition, flight attendants kept serving and replenishing drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as passengers enjoyed their meals. A light snack was also served just before descent. I was asleep for most of the flight but when awake, I used to watch one of the movies or TV shows from the vast collection offered on ICE (name of EK’s PTV system which stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment).

Landing and Taxi to gate

Video of the Landing (opens in a new window)

Video of the Taxi to the gate (opens in a new window)

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Leg 2 – YYZ- YOW (Final Leg)

Air Canada
AC462 02 January 2013
Boarding time: 1755
Embraer 190
Seat 26D (aisle)

Having collected my bags, I proceeded to the check-in counters to check-in for my flight to Ottawa (YOW). Having been up for about 24hrs now, I was quite tired (read: exhausted) at this point as I slowly made my way to the check-in counters. Since I possessed a staff ticket, I was given a ‘temporary’ boarding pass (with no seat number) using which I would pass through security and wait at the gate. I would be given another boarding pass (with a seat number) if there is a seat for me onboard. Lucky for me, it was a short wait, the flight I had listed myself for was fairly empty and I got a seat. As soon as I got on the aircraft, I literally sat down and dozed off. I woke up briefly to decline the complimentary drink and went back to sleep. I was then startled awake when I heard a huge ‘thud’. … Don’t worry nothing happenned, we had just touched down. As we taxied to the gate, I rub my eyes and prepare myself mentally for a short trip back to my apartment. I thanked the flight attendant as I exited the airplane and went downstairs to the baggage carousel. My mind was half-nervous about my checked-in bag not flying with me and half optimistic that it did. Soon enough a miracle, my bag made it to YOW. I collect my bag and exited the terminal out to hail a cab to my apartment.

Well there you have it folks, Part 2 of my 2012 winter trip to Dubai. I hope you enjoyed it and as always comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Until my next post… Happy Landings!!!

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